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                                & LANDSCAPE

Villa "El Algahr" (V-911)

4.000m2 plot in Cala Jondal
145m2 built (one story) + 16+9m2 in two wooden cabins
Over 100.000€ spent last 5 years on little upgrading
VISITS WELCOME BY APPOINTMENT : whatsapp +34 644019220
or email ptd@ibizadelsol.com
Gallery: https://ibizadelsol.com/1/V-911/V-911-1_SLIDE/#6
Video: https://www.ibizadelsol.com/1/V-911/V-911_MAIN_HOUSE_AREA_EL%20ALGAHR_1.mp4

1- 4.000M2 FLAT PLOT at very sought after Cala Jondal countryside (1,5 km off Cala Jondal)
2- LOTS OF MATURE TREES AND WILD GARDEN. Super green plot, very fertile soil, and thanks to our own free water (property includes a 1/10 ownership of a nearby plot were co-owners have built a legal deep water well which delivers lot of water to the 10 villas around . (also tap water is connected, although never used) this enabled to create in last 25 years the most green garden in the area (in need of lots of gardener job), former owner is a landscaper and planted and take care of about 100 different specimens, included a dozen or so 30m height eucalyptus trees, olive trees, cupressus, palm trees, etc.
There is a little pond with red kois and frogs, and a BBQ.
3- FANTASTIC AND RELAXING PANORAMIC VIEWS to Torrent des Jondal Valley and sexy hills.
(The garden actually needs to be cleaned of brush and lots of pruning is required, say one week gardener job, to allow the views from the house. We have a project to build a large lawn from the house to the valley and infinite horizons,as we have free water great for gardening).
4- STRATEGIC GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION IN THE ISLAND: CALA JONDAL at 1,5km, with top trendy beach clubs and restaurants, as Yemanjá, Blue Marlin, Casa Jondal, Tropicana, Es Xarco, Es Torrent ... Ibiza town and San Antonio town at just 15km, Sant Josep village at just 6km ... At only 15 minutes from Ibiza town, 10 minutes from Sant Jordi, Sant Josep towns and airport, 10 minutes from Salinas and Es Cavallet beaches ... at the heart of the top and most expensive Ibiza South-West coast.
5- Clean, PAVED, bucolic country road access to the villa, low traffic. No dirty tracks to get home!
6- CALA JONDAL is a quiet area free of mass tourism, unspoiled bay, large surveyed free parkings, turquoise waters, quiet pretty low-traffic country roads (no road police to encounter coming back to the villa from Cala Jondal ...)
7- STRATEGIC ESTATE VALUE location in the island: CALA JONDAL is one of thew most sought after location and one of the most expensive, where estate property prices are raising every year non-stop (5 to 10%/yearly), from 20 years ago, no matter crisis or not, many connoisseurs and wealthy people neighbourhood (i.e. Athina Onassis villa just 900m off Villa El Algahr).
8- SUPERB LANDSCAPE LOCATION, at the highlands of the Torrent des Jondal valley, at 1km bird-flight (as the falcon flies) distance to the sea.
9- Nice MICRO-CLIMATE at the villa, in summer there is always a very light breeze, fresher weather.
10- Only ONE STORY, no stairs to climb! A superb feature for younger kids and elderlys (and not so elders), Very rare feature not available in almost any property available in Ibiza island!!!
11- Very cherished and appreciated COZY POOL, porch and terraces.
12- LEGALLY REGISTERED PROPERTY, building license and 'end of works' council certificate' for the main villa, as well as "cédula de habitabilidad".
13- 145M2 BUILT, ONE STORY, 3 BEDROOMS, maybe a 4th bedroom easily/quickly built taken some space to the large salon.
14- The pool (5 x 9,5m) was built about 20 years ago, the house was built about 30 years ago.
15- TWO EXTRA WOODEN CABINS (in need of work) at the end of the garden, as an extra accommodation for guests/kids, with electricity, waste underground wells, WC/shower, hot and cold water, WIFI, kitchen, etc , 16m2 + 9m2. To upgrade. With their own fenced part of the garden, say about 2.000m2, and with their own street entrance. (this fences are easily removable)
16- LICENCIA DE VIVIENDA TURÍSTICA DEFINITIVA nº ET-0299-E (definitive tourist license, very sough after, 6PAX). Please note most villas listed as having a vacation rental license, that ones are not definitive licenses, just temporary licenses, and most don’t comply with the rules for this and are later denied after an inspection.
The 'Consell de Ibiza' (island Gov) inspector was already inspecting our villa and signed the OK for the final definitive touristic license.
Not rented for 2020 nor 2021 season, only available for sale now.
Even if you don't need/use it, it gives a high added value to the property.
We were doing easily for many years (till 2019) relatively 'low cost' vacation rentals, averaging 40k gross incomes (AIRBNB, etc), much more is expected for (when) we fully upgrade the property, say 200k upgrading, a project we will attempt for ext years if not sold. Also upgrading the property we expect it will raise her resale value to 2,2/2,5MM.
17- WE ALREADY DID LITTLE IMPROVEMENTS/UPGRADING to the property on last years, say about 100.000€ spent on last 5 years, taken from the rental's incomes. Electricity, pool pump, water pump, upgrading furniture and decors for (relatively) low cost vacation rentals, upgrading the water well system, all led lamps everywhere, renewing the electric appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, 150l boiler, new gas cooker, etc), new garden and indoors lamps, pool lounger beds,
18- Romantic, bohemian, a bit 'naif art' style and architecture, a bit traditional rustic ibicenco inspired. If wished so, this property is easily converted to contemporary modern design with a bit of talent and investment.
19- Good investment, great yearly added value (expect 5 to 10% yearly).
20- Lots of improvements potential. Although we failed to get an enlargement license.
We have lots of ideas available for you, we build her and were living the villa for 25 years ...
21- Fully furnished (basic, IKEA style) and equipped for enter living and enjoying next day... or to list her at AIRBNB or whatever for vacation rentals.
22- We can deliver the villa’s keys right from the notary at the sale. The villa’s documents are ready for a very quick notary sale and property registration
23 – The property has OPTICAL FIBER HIGH SPEED Internet/Wifi, averaging 70 Mbit/s download and 40 Mbit/s upload. Great for telecommunication, Video-conference, Netflix, etc ...
24- The property has her own phone line (difficult to obtain).
25- Quiet, classy, international, friendly neighborhood, about 12 villas.
26- Own water ("perforada") + Aqualia tap water.
clean road access (bucolic quiet road) direct to the villa, also OK access for sport or classic cars with low ground clearance.

A happy property with a special nice vibe, built and lived with love for many many years.
The property is ready to change hands in 10 days. New happy larger projects are waiting for us!
The property, house and gardens still requires a bit of love, but are fully enjoyable as is.

Please feel free to require any extra information, and you are very welcome to visit her no-compromise at any time, by appointment.

Pato Díez,

FINAL DEFINITIVE LICENSE for vacation rentals 6PAX nº ET-0299-E
1,5km off Tropicana and 2km off Blue Marlin in CALA JONDAL
It's the most green property around. Very fertile soil.
4.000m2 flat plot with panoramic valley and country views
145m2 built (one story) + two wooden cabins
(3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms/showers).
Space to build 4th bedroom.
Own water ("perforada") + Aqualia tap water
Mains Power (elctricity).
COZY SWIMMING-POOL, surrounded by large porch and terraces
 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY, ready to live in "tomorrow”

At IBIZA DEL SOL we can offer you designs and free estimates to improve/upgrade the property.
(we built the villa 30 years ago and happily owned her for 25 years!)